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Studio Lean Fat Loss Program


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Studio Lean is a fat loss program designed to achieve your weight loss and management goals, as well as take control of your wellness. Studio Lean is a comprehensive fat loss and total wellness program that allows you to transform the state of your health from the inside out! You will quickly discover that this will be the last “diet” you ever have to be on and that your life will change forever – just ask the hundreds of men and women that have already found success with Studio Lean!

How and why Studio Lean works?

Studio Lean combines a basic, clean, healthy diet designed to reduce inflammation and optimize nutrient absorption with patented physician-formulated supplements that maximize cellular function to speed up the fat-burning process and literally change your body from the inside out – and all in minimal time.

Inside the body, you have three types of fat: structural, protective and inflammatory. Structural fat supports body tissue, filling the space between organs, keeping the skin smooth and taut, as well as providing a protective cushion for areas, such as the gluteus or the balls of the feet. Protective fat functions as a reserve, supporting the body during muscular activity and helping to maintain nor- mal body temperature. These two types of fat are essential to healthy daily functioning and are part of the composition of a normal, healthy individual. Inflammatory fat (also known as yellow adipose), however, collects in various places throughout the body and is a result of poor lifestyle choices, environmental toxins and poor general health. This fat is highly toxic and linked to disease and impaired function of the body’s systems, including the metabolism. Traditional diets achieve weight loss results by breaking down structural and protective fats and, sometimes even valuable muscle.

The all-natural, homeopathic customized drops ensure your body targets the inflammatory fat – ridding your body of the toxins that are inhibiting optimal functioning.

During the Phase II of the program, you will consume a reduced calorie diet of foods that are rich in high-quality nutrients. The remainder of calories will be supplied by your body’s breakdown of inflammatory fat to rid it from your system. This is why Studio Lean includes Detox Support supplements as an imperative part of Phases II and III – protecting your body from the toxins released by the breakdown of this type of fat. Studio Lean Appetite & Energy Support drops are specially formulated to keep your energy up as your body detoxifies and purges these toxic molecules.


Studio Detox Program

Functional Medicine Detox and Energy Program


Many people struggle with weight, energy, sluggish thinking, aches and pains, sleep disturbances, bloating and/ or bowel issues. Studio Detox was designed to help address the common cause of these issues. The program is focused on overcoming the physiologic obstacles that are in the way of optimal health, optimal function, optimal weight and a sense of inner and outer beauty. There are many obstacles to optimal weight and wellness.

Everyday toxins (ubiquitous in air, water, food, environment, medications), systemic inflammation, food sensitivities, digestive challenges and hormone imbalances are among the top reasons why otherwise healthy people don’t feel their best and find it difficult to lose weight, to maintain an ideal weight and to perform optimally.

Studio Detox is a combination of detoxification, elimination of irritating foods/allergens and flooding the body with ultra-nutrition; achieved by feeding the body what it needs to repair imbalances and optimize the body’s functions. Food is a very powerful medicine.

Following the Studio Detox program will help to restore cellular balance, thus alleviating your symptoms. This program uses food and exercise as a prescription to influence your metabolism, to restore balance of all physiologic systems and to reduce the risk of developing cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

This program is for you if:

  • You exercise and diet for a while and then go back to “normal” eating only to gain weight again.
  • You can’t seem to reach your weight goal regardless of what you do.
  • You are not feeling well.
  • You have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or high blood sugar.
  • You have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Your doctor has told you that you have pre-diabetes.
  • Maybe you are at your ideal weight but you just don’t have the energy you would like or you don’t feel you are operating to your full potential. You will feel much better in a very short period of time while on this program. Your health will dramatically improve when the principles of the program are applied.