Studio Neuro-Ω-ish, Elite Brain Technology


Mental acuity, enhanced focus, and improved memory are closer than you think. The Neuro-Ω-ish™ Program at Doctors Studio is designed to strengthen, calm, heal, focus and support optimal brain function and performance. 

Imagine being sharper in the board room, able to quickly recall important information and deliver critical analysis at the speed you could in university. Imagine deeper, consistent focus when on tasks that require considerable energy and attention.

At Doctors Studio we use advanced science to help you fine tune, reset and repair your brain using technological and diagnostic advances that stack the deck in your favor, no matter your age. No longer do you have to feel upstaged by younger, quick-thinking colleagues, get back the confidence and clarity that . comes from peak brain health.

Click the link below to schedule a call with a studio specialist and find out if the Neuro-Ω-ish program is right for you.

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