Shockwave for Sexual Dysfunction

GainswaveOne of the most exciting regenerative treatments that we offer here at Doctors Studio, or that is even available in the world, is Pulsewave technology, also called shock wave. (You’ve seen marketing terms like GAINSwave, Rejuvawave; there’s all kinds of different names for this technology out in the marketplace).

What you need to know is there’s 15 years of data out of Europe that shows that this tool is effective for treating erectile dysfunction (ED). Now this is a tool that’s been in existence in sports medicine for decades, we’ve used it in urology to break up kidney stones, so it’s not a new technology we’re just applying it to erectile dysfunction.

Here at Doctors Studio we’re actually applying it in many different ways to treat men and women. We follow the protocols that came from 15 years of studies out of Europe and use the Pulsewave on the penis itself, but in addition we actually release the muscles of the pelvic bowl as well, you see it’s really important that you get maximum blood flow to the penis, that you have the right nerve signals and lymphatic drainage so that you can be at your full sexual potential. 

So we use this tool a little differently than most. We have different tips that will deliver the energy to different depths, we can adjust the depth, the power, the frequency, the bars etc. so there’s all kind of flexibility.

With the right understanding you can use this tool to make significant change and it is the most exciting thing to happen to sexual medicine, for men especially, since viagra. Now we’ve been using platelet rich plasma (PRP) very successfully for the last 8 years and we put all these tools together and that’s where the magic happens. So its an exciting time to be practicing sexual medicine, it’s an exciting time to be alive with all of these great tools that are becoming available to us in the office. 

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