The Neuro-Ω-ish™ Program is designed to strengthen, calm, heal, focus and support optimal brain function and performance.  A healthy, high functioning brain helps you stay in the game and even improve your game as you age. 

We help you fine tune, reset and fix your brain using technology and diagnostic advances that stack the deck in your favor. The fear of Alzheimer’s and other devastating neurodegenerative diseases is real.   Research shows that the brain changes of Alzheimer’s start 20 years before symptoms appear. 

Early diagnosis and proper intervention can reverse these changes and prevent disease. It is thought that there are more than 50 million Americans currently in the process of developing this dreaded disease. Specific evaluation, detection, prevention, and intervention changes the trajectory from disease to wellness.  There are very advanced blood tests that can be done to identify the cause of the problem and therefore to reveal the solution and prevention of disease.

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Fine-tune, reset
and fix your brain

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We help you stay in the game and even improve your game as you age.  We use technology and advances to stack the deck in your favor.

Of course, it stands to reason that it is easier to prevent degeneration than it is to fix it. We use genetic information to help us better understand what to do and what not to do in order to better protect and prepare you for excellent results.  YOU do not have to manifest the family disease. We just have to know what to do to prevent it. We need to know “how” to live in order to strengthen our genetic weaknesses and reduce the opportunity for disease.  We can age youthfully when we combine knowledge with strategy and technology.


“Dr. Lisbeth Roy and team absolutely amazing. 

Progressive. Cutting edge. The most in depth information on functional wellness that never ceases to amaze every visit. Dr. Roy strives to stay way ahead of the rest and offer the absolute best for her patients. I have many acquaintance that also have become part of her practice . We all even travel quite a distance by air to see her. Every visit well worth.

– H.H.