Old Age is Over!

We have really exciting news here at Doctors Studio: Old Age is Over!

This month’s edition of the MIT technology review journal is highlighting the science behind what we do here at Doctors Studio. Finally mainstream academic technology has caught up, and it’s very validating. They discuss how the environment interacts with your DNA (a science called epigenetics), that controls your cellular function(and as we know cellular function is everything!) and how epigenetics and toxicity infection accelerate the aging process. So now that we understand how to control that it means that old age is over.

Everything we do at Doctors Studio is featured in here, in fact we’re a bit ahead of the game since they’re not covering things like exosomes as well as some of the nutritional interventions, and technologies like bioresonance,

It is wonderful to have the mainstream medical community confirm what we already knew and that what we do at Doctors Studio is truly at the cutting-edge of scientific discovery. We’ve been validated by one of the world’s most respected scientific and technological institutions, MIT and we are thrilled.

Old age is over folks.

Click here to read the editorial. (Subscription is required for full access to the magazine.)

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