MenopauseJust about every woman seeks menopause relief around the age of 50. The question is whether hormone replacement therapy is the optimal solution. There are numerous pros and cons of this unique form of therapy. The benefits almost always outweigh the potential negatives.

If you are even slightly irritated with menopause, hormone replacement therapy will provide the relief you need. While hormone replacement therapy has the potential to spur some side effects like nausea, alterations in mood, headaches, breast swelling or bloating, the slight risk is well worth the results. Meet with us to discuss your symptoms and determine the potential advantages/disadvantages of hormone replacement therapy. This therapy almost always proves beneficial to menopausal women.  However, each patient’s unique risk factor ultimately determines if this therapy succeeds. The benefits of this therapy hinge on whether the patient takes low-dose estrogen vaginal products or systemic hormone therapy.  Low-dose vaginal preparations are taken in tablet, ring or cream form. They treat vaginal and even some urinary symptoms. However, these preparations do not assist with night sweats, hot flashes or osteoporosis. Systemic hormone therapy, also known as systemic estrogen, is provided in pill, gel, spray, cream or skin patch form.  This therapy provides relief for frustrating night sweats and hot flashes of menopause. This hormone therapy can even relieve the vaginal symptoms of menopause like itching, dryness, discomfort during intercourse and burning sensations.

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