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Erection problems, premature ejaculation, a curvature of the penis, prostatitis, testicular pain, penis pain, pain with ejaculation, frequent or painful urination, urine leakage…

Do any of these devastating problems sound funny to YOU?

Pelvic Pain

Prostatitis | Testicular Pain | Ejaculatory Pain | Penis Pain

Pelvic pain can feel like a headache in the pelvis; constant nagging pain and discomfort. It can feel like a bolt of lightning at the tip of a knife driving up through your pelvis. Maybe more like a hot potato in your scrotum or a searing poker to the head of your penis.


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“We don’t work with everyone. This unique program is limited to those men and women who are committed to long-term sexual and pelvic health”  

~ Dr. Emilia Ripoll

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