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Erection problems, premature ejaculation, curvature of the penis, prostatitis, testicular pain, penis pain, pain with ejaculation, frequent or painful urination, urine leakage… do any of these devastating problems sound funny to YOU?

Pelvic Pain

As if the “C” word isn’t scary enough. Considering the thought of impotence as a result of prostate cancer treatment is downright horrifying and would have any man feeling backed into a corner. The GREAT NEWS is that you can reverse your erection problems caused by prostate cancer treatment. The REALLY GREAT NEWS is that you can PREVENT and PROTECT yourself from becoming impotent during and after prostate cancer treatment. Really… can you afford NOT to get more information?

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HOPE Protocol™

HOPE Protocol™ is a comprehensive approach to solutions for sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain syndromes and urinary incontinence. The vital function of sexual and pelvic health starts in your brain, follows your spinal cord, through your pelvis and to your genitals, bladder, prostate and all of your pelvic organs. This complex chain of events can be interrupted at many different levels causing the problems you are suffering with right now.

Dr. Ripoll has the knowledge, skill, insight and experience needed to identify just where the problem or problems are originating from. The source of the problem is discovered only through a thorough and in-depth evaluation utilizing advanced testing and diagnostic procedures. The solution to the problem is designed to optimize all systems involved in sexual and pelvic health, leading to restoring and enhancing sexual function and resolving pelvic pain.

HOPE is an acronym that stands for:
| Hormone Optimization
| Organ Health
| Pelvic Health
| Emotional Health



Hormone Optimization
Men need testosterone in order to be Men. Hormones are a major contributor to sexual function and the quality of your life. The truth is, men also need estrogen, progesterone, pregnenolone, DHEA, cortisol, thyroid and pancreatic hormones, to say the least.

Organ Health
By looking at the pelvic organs we can determine the exact cause of the problem you are having and determine what is will take to fix it. A Doppler Ultrasound ( is a painless test done in the office that looks at the health of your penis, the blood flow in and out of your penis, your prostate, testicles and general pelvic area.

Pelvic Structure
Healthy erections requires that the signals from your brain can be transmitted via nerves through your lower back to your sexual organs. A previous injury often leads to interruption of these signals, eventually causing problems such as erectile dysfunction. Who knew your back pain was related to your erection problem?

Emotional Health
Brain chemicals that control your emotions interact with your hormones to determine your sexual function. Ever notice that fear or anxiety are erection killers?


Advanced Diagnostic Testing: A real solution starts with a proper understanding of the problem. The Doctors Studio team begins with a comprehensive blood panel and imaging tests that give us insight into the exact cause of your erectile dysfunction and pelvic pain. We are thorough and consider all of the causes of erectile dysfunction when developing a treatment plan focused to deliver YOU results.

Treatment Options: These are exciting times to be alive. We now have access to treatments that actually reverse the aging process and regenerate blood vessels, nerves, health skin and tissues. We have access to customized medications and natural hormones that positively impact sexual function plus lifestyle and wellness programs that create a strong foundation for all aspects of health.

Regenerative Technology: Some of these treatments are Platelet Rich Plasma (also called PRP, Priapus Shot™, and P Shot™), LI-ECSW (also called Shock Wave Therapy, Pulse Wave Therapy, Gainswave™, Rejuvawave™), Ozone Therapy, Amniotic Products, Biological Graphs and IV nutrients to name a few.

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Customized Medications: Hormone delivery and doses can be customized to fit your exact needs. Generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are now available at affordable prices. There are peptides such as PT-141 and Sermorelin that help to make you feel young again. And TRIMIX ( custom medication that can provide the rescue and confidence you may need to get you back on your game.

Lifestyle and Wellness Program: Studio Lean™ and Studio Detox™ are programs that prepare your body for it best days EVER. Dr. Roy is a master at creating extremely effective and easy to follow programs that help you to lose fat and lean UP quickly if you need it. Dr. Roy’s Studio Detox™ program is the perfect way to clean you up so that EVERYTHING works better.

Penis Enhancement: Sometimes enhancement is beneficial for boosting confidence and sometimes it helps to improve your partners pleasure. Whatever the reason, Studio Girth™ is a safe and very effective way to increase the thickness of your penis. It is virtually painless and can last up to several years. Increasing the girth of your penis can be a “serious” issue for you or “just for fun.”

Premature Ejaculation: Also known as PE. Premature Ejaculation can feel like one of the worst things to ever happen to a guy. The embarrassment leads to severe depression and withdrawal. Believe me when I tell you that YOU can be helped. Sometimes PE is a problem with brain chemistry and sometimes it is a result of ED or the aging process. No matter the reason, PE can either be resolved once the underlying cause is determined or in worst case scenarios, it can be managed so that you can go onto have a marvelous sex life; pleasing your partner and holding your head up high.

“We don’t work with everyone. This unique program is limited to those men and women who are committed to long term sexual and pelvic health.”

~ Dr. Emilia Ripol

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