Gianna Porcelli

Gianna Porcelli

Gianna is running the show with the Studio Lean Program. She is an amazing health coach and budding entrepreneur.  She is building the outreach program for Studio Lean so that EVERYONE has access to this incredible program.

Gianna is a certified health coach and the Studio Lean Support Director. Gianna has worked with clients all over the US since 2017 to help them restore a healthy relationship with food and achieve sustainable wellness.

Gianna received her Bachelor’s in Human Behavior from the University of Florida in 2015, her Holistic Health Coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2017, and is currently pursuing a career as a Nutritionist with a Master’s Degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition from Saybrook University.

Gianna is the creator of Every Body Speaks Life, an online brand that supports wellness restoration through sustainable living and food freedom. Gianna directs and operates the revolutionary FAT LOSS program, that supports your body composition goals from the inside out.

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