Best Thing That Happened in Men’s Health 2018

In the previous decades men's health has not been a key focus for most organizations hence some masculine complications have lacked proper care to manage them. 2018 has been a breakthrough year for Doctors Studio Incorporating futuristic innovations in the field of erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, testicular and penis pain, urine leakages and so much more. Evidently, Doctors Studio has managed to bring sexy back in 2018 enabling men to have that special spring in their step with cutting edge technology for optimal sexual wellness. 2018 has also been a year for top performing dicks at Doctors Studio. Our pleased clients this year know what I mean. With a nonsurgical procedure such as Studio Girth™, Manhood has never looked this naturally good. We are specialists at adjusting penis curvature, girth and length to make your penis look like a well-deserved prize. The good thing about this procedure is that it does not involve any complexities and you can instantly get to work once it is done. This has gone a long way to improve the nature of sex for men in 2018 able to completely fill their partners as well as increasing their sensitivity thus making it an orgasmic year.

Innovative GAINSwave Therapy

This has been a game changer in the field of erectile dysfunction with a success rate of up to 92% on mild to moderate cases. GAINSwave therapy otherwise known as low-intensity shockwave therapy stimulates the development of new blood vessels while eliminating the build-up of micro-plaque as well as rejuvenating damaged blood vessels. This procedure works systematically with the aid of low-frequency acoustic waves giving new life to your penis with increased blood flow. The GAINSwave therapy is so effective that men have reported having thunderous erections taking them back to their years of puberty. No one can underestimate the effect of erectile dysfunction and how it steals away from a man’s happiness. At Doctors Studio, we understand how dear your penis is to you and your partner and hence made a resolution to dedicate our best effort find functional remedies for you this year. This has proven to be a great success and it always puts a smile on our Doctors faces seeing men gain their sexual potency back. It is as exhilarating as watching someone get reunited with their best friend.

Focus on Men and Their Mental Health

Life as we know it has sometimes been unkind to the male population always requiring them to be hard all through. Men are not the ones to openly express emotional vulnerability which does not mean they do not have their own insecurities. The pressure only gets worse with age and as seen in modern society more and more lads continue to break down. Experience will teach that it is easier to raise stronger kids than to fix a man who is already broken. Disheartening right? Do not fret just yet as we are here to extend you a professional hand all through the redemption process. At Doctors Studio, we do subscribe to the idea that the world needs more balanced and happy men to act as strong pillars for our families and society at large. 2018 has seen the fruition of our ambition partnering up with visionary organizations such as Movember. Movember has been innovative in addressing issues revolving around man’s health which were previously ignored. Such include testicular cancer, prostate cancer, mental health and curbing suicide rate that results from deep depression. 2018 has definitely been the year for men and our organization strives to keep up with all the current innovations aimed to improve the quality of their life.

State of the Art Enhancements for Men

Aging can be a harsh process for most men replacing their salient youthful features with undesirable physical aspects such as hair loss. 2018 has seen to the improvement of corrective mechanisms to make you age more gracefully. The main success of procedures such as SmartGraft® is that you get to replace your hair discreetly and in a manner that cannot be told apart from natural hair. Dr. Roy from Doctors Studio has been keen on top-rated wellbeing for men this year and continues to develop innovative solutions that are downright impressive. The Studio Performance program promises to be a turning point for most men dealing in regenerative medicine. Procedures like these take a whole new approach to improve men’s health hence making Doctors Studio a very distinct and unique facility offering real-time solutions to real- time problems. Men also need a premium service that can look out for their best interest to keep them in their best shape all through the year. A man who has been to Doctors Studio is indeed a man who is after your own heart!


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