Monthly Archives: November 2019

Shockwave for Sexual Dysfunction

One of the most exciting regenerative treatments that we offer here at Doctors Studio, or that is even available in the world, is Pulsewave technology, also called shock wave. (You’ve seen marketing terms like GAINSwave, Rejuvawave; there’s all kinds of different names for this technology out in the marketplace). What you need to know is there’s 15 years of […]

Old Age is Over!

We have really exciting news here at Doctors Studio: Old Age is Over! This month’s edition of the MIT technology review journal is highlighting the science behind what we do here at Doctors Studio. Finally mainstream academic technology has caught up, and it’s very validating. They discuss how the environment interacts with your DNA (a science […]

Studio Neuro-Ω-ish, Elite Brain Technology

Mental acuity, enhanced focus, and improved memory are closer than you think. The Neuro-Ω-ish™ Program at Doctors Studio is designed to strengthen, calm, heal, focus and support optimal brain function and performance.  Imagine being sharper in the board room, able to quickly recall important information and deliver critical analysis at the speed you could in […]

Neutralize Inflammation

Neutralize Inflammation
Neutralizing inflammation is no longer something you have to “hope for” or “wonder how to achieve”. Feel better sooner rather than later. ExoStem™  Technology is exponentially accelerating our ability to neutralize inflammation, delivering results you can feel.   We know that inflammation can be major contributor to many diseases and is often the precursor to […]