Patient Testimonials

“I am in my mid-50’s and I keep in pretty good shape. I am on hormone therapy and sought Dr. Roy for PRP treatment.
The shot was a painless procedure and I saw quick results. The bene-fits from the first shot lasted about eight months and I went back for a second treatment when the upsides started to wear off. I did not have any sexual dysfunction issues to start with, but I would say the shot ‘turned back the clock.’ I experienced more firmness and fullness and increased sensitivity.
It is a natural, non-invasive procedure which is what attracted me. There are no chemicals involved; what is being injected into you is your blood. The treatment was pain-free and quick, which was my biggest concern. The whole procedure lasted 20 minutes. It was a very positive experi-ence and I would do it again.”

Anonymous (Name withheld at Patient Request)

“My wife was going through menopause and we were looking into treat-ment options. That’s how we came to know Dr. Roy. My wife began with hormone treatment and eventually got an O-Shot and it really worked well for her.
I went through an evaluation and decided to switch from a testosterone shot to pellets per Dr. Roy’s recommendation, which ended up working well for me. I originally sought testosterone treatments because of fa-tigue, but eventually noticed issues with some sexual dysfunction. I have had the Priapus Shot twice now and have been very pleased.
After the first treatment I did not try the pump; however, I am pumping regularly with the second shot. The procedure is pain-free and there is no downside to the treatment.”

Anonymous (Name withheld at Patient Request)

” I came to know Dr. Roy while receiving hormone therapy from her partner. I did not need to correct any sexual dysfunction because I was having great success with the testosterone treatments, but I thought I would see how the Priapus Shot could help. To date, I have had three shots with Dr. Roy and still receive testosterone treatments every week. My experience has definitely led to increased sensitivity. As with any rejuvenating treatment, I think the skin feels smoother and there is a more youthful appearance. My wife received the O-Shot at the same time as my first treatment. We felt it was well worth the investment; I definitely recommend the treat-ment to men. I admit there was a little fear factor involved with having a needle in my penis and I think if most men hear that, they would say, no way! But con-trary to what you might think, it is not a painful experience. You do feel something during the treatment so it can be awkward, but not painful. There is no down time. You can literally have sex the same night.”

Anonymous (Name withheld at Patient Request)

” I have an ongoing interest in evolutionary biology, so part of my moti-vation to receive the Priapus Shot was for the science. I have a willing-ness to be a guinea pig where I do not see much downside or risk -which was the case in receiving the procedure. I was taking an oral medication that had negative sexual side-effects. PRP treatment was something that I thought could help. The result of the PRP treatment was positive, even though it diminished over time. I have had three shots now in a little over a year and I will continue the process as I do see the benefits. I would also recommend it to others.”

Anonymous (Name withheld at Patient Request)

“I’ve worked with Dr. Roy a great deal and think what I found most sig-nificant was the PRP treatment on my face. I had really dark circles un-der my eyes because of family history and allergies. Dr. Roy just put a little PRP treatment around my eyes and lips — not even a full Vampire Facelift and it made a big difference.
When my son came home from college, he said to me, ‘Mom, your skin looks so great.’ I think it was a big compliment that he could see such a difference. But at the same time, I did not look like I had cosmetic work done. People would just say, ‘Oh, did you get a haircut’ or ‘Are you wear-ing new makeup’ so they could see the difference, but they could not put their finger on what was done.
I didn’t really think I needed the O-Shot at that time — I just volunteered to be part of a training for Dr. Roy. However, I still noticed a big change and so has my boyfriend. It was painless and very non-traumatic and I saw a difference pretty quick. Orgasms are definitely stronger than before.
I think it’s great that you can have small things done that really add up to major results; especially instead of going through surgery.”

R.V. who first received PRP treatment for aesthetic reasons

“I started seeing Dr. Roy because I was dealing with a rash and sinus headaches and after going to two dermatologists without getting results, I thought a holistic approach would be best. I did some work with Dr. Roy on diet and my issues cleared up. While working with her, I filled out her questionnaire and identified some other issues she could help me with such as incontinence and painful sex.
I have had the O-Shot twice and I think the first one really did the trick. My incontinence issues have significantly improved and I can have sex again and enjoy it.
Other doctors I saw would just shrug or act like I did not say anything when I talked to them about sex being painful. I am amazed at how women’s issues like this are not more heavily considered. I would recommend the treatment to anyone; it is amazingly helpful.”

S. B. who needed to address dermatological and health issues

“I started seeing Dr. Roy for hormone imbalance and some incontinence issues. I began with a hormone treatment and she told me about the O-Shot, which I went ahead and did. At this point, she’s balanced my hormones. Also, I had to wear under-wear guards and I don’t have to do that anymore. What is great about Dr. Roy is her thorough testing and questionnaire and how she spends so much time to identify your issues and possible solutions.”

M. R. who wanted to deal with issues of incontinence and insensitivity

“I was seeing Dr. Roy for aesthetic treatments and went to an open house for the Vampire Facelift and saw very positive results. My face was bright and people commented how great I looked. My skin appeared warm and bright, and I was often asked how I kept myself looking so good. At a later visit, the subject of the O-Shot came up because I was experi-encing the “sneeze and pee” incontinence. I decided to give it a try and it worked great — I do not have any more issues with incontinence.
It has been a very positive experience for me and it did not hurt at all. It was a simple procedure that I hope more doctors start offering so more women can benefit from the results.”

C. C. who was having minor stress incontinence issues

“A couple of years ago, I did some Internet research on bio-identical hormones and met Dr. Roy. Later, I became interested in other anti-aging procedures she offered. Afterward, I decided to try the O-Shot. I followed up with a second shot about six months later.
It has been a very interesting experience for me and I recommend it to everyone. When I hear women describe their symptoms, I tell them they need to try to O-Shot. It has been more worth it to me than any cosmet-ic or augmentation procedure I’ve had to date.
Sexually, I experience a better response, improved lubrication, faster and longer and more impactful climax. In fact, I was never the kind of woman who experienced female ejaculation and now I do. All in all, it is a better experience than I’ve had — even in my twenties.
The whole procedure was completed quickly — it took maybe 35 to 40 minutes from the time my blood was drawn to the injection. It was pain free and I never had any discomfort; even after the numbing cream wore off. In fact, I was sensitive for a while, but in a good way. That sensitivity lessoned a little over time, but the experience was still very good.
Intercourse was much more pleasurable and exciting.”

O.D. who decided to augment hormone treatment with PRP therapy

“When I met Dr. Roy three years ago, I was in pretty bad shape. All the re-sults from my blood work were off. Now, everything is right in line with-out any need for medication. This was accomplished completely through nutritional changes.
While working with Dr. Roy, I started bioidentical hormone treatments. This made a great difference. I also received the Vampire Facelift and O-Shot.
I had the O-Shot procedure one time and it changed everything. It brought everything back in a good way. Prior to the shot, sex was actu-ally painful. The pain stopped, and sex was enjoyable again. I also went from no real interest to a very active sex drive. I absolutely recommend the shot for others, because it makes a huge difference.”

Cheryl who was experiencing problems with incontinence

“Dr. Roy was recommended to me for aesthetics. Whenever I walked into the office for treatments, it became a little bit of a joke because I always had to run to the bathroom. During one appointment, I told Dr. Roy about my recent diagnosis of a bladder issue. I had just gone through a treat-ment but with no relief.
Dr. Roy told me about the O-Shot and how besides helping with sexual function, it has helped some women with incontinence issues. I had the shot, and within the first couple of days, I could go a little longer without rushing to the bathroom. It kept getting longer between bathroom visits. Then, I noticed I was exercising and was not having any urinary leakage.
Of course, I also got one of the most amazing benefits from the proce-dure as well. I had no trouble reaching climax before the shot, but my orgasms intensified, and I had them more often.
At one point, I was considering having a second shot, but I spent time using the Apex device Dr. Roy gave me to help with Kegel exercises. I thought I was doing a proper Kegel, but the Apex really made a differ-ence. After using that for a while, I never needed a second treatment.
You know, my husband used to cringe when I would go to a doctor, be-cause he knew a bill was coming, but with Dr. Roy, there are no com-plaints. My husband saw a benefit, as well. And really, it was a huge ben-efit for my whole family! It let me get back to a normal life — that’s what Dr. Roy has given me.”

Suzanne who was experiencing problems with incontinence

“I had been feeling down, no energy, and experiencing stomach prob-lems. I did some research on my symptoms and was sure I was going through menopause. I started looking into hormone replacement thera-py and found Dr. Roy. She was so nice and sweet and said, ‘I can help you in more ways than one.’
She went over several things with me, including diet, (bioidentical) hor-mone replacement therapy, etc. She discovered that I was born without a clitoris, which is pretty important for a woman. I was married and had children, but somehow this was never identified. I had surgery on my urethra, and it should have been caught then, but it wasn’t.
We discussed having surgery to expose the clitoris. I had an O-Shot be-fore the surgery and had feelings in that area for the first time in my life. After the surgery to expose the clitoris, I had a second shot.
I’m in my 50’s and finally feel like ‘Oh, this is what everyone is talking about.’ Prior to treatment, I did not even know what it (orgasm) was sup-posed to feel like! Dr. Roy has basically opened up a whole new world for me.
People might wonder how this can happen, but in my day, we did not talk about this kind of thing. Even now it’s bizarre to talk about, but I would not want anyone else to go through what I went through — which includes a bad marriage, divorce, and a bad sex life for years.
The O-Shot is not painful and it is worth the benefits. I feel like a 50-some-year-old virgin in many ways. I understand my body now bet-ter than ever before. Dr. Roy is so sweet and very reassuring. She told me, ‘I will help you, and you will have an orgasm.’ She has the drive to want to help people, and that is why I love her so much!”

Susan who came for help with menopausal symptoms

“There came a time in my life when I was feeling lost, out of control, lonely, sad, crazy, and all alone. I did not want to talk with anyone, not even my husband. Something was going on within me that I had never felt and I was unsure of what it was. My libido was next to nothing and I was hav-ing severe hot flashes that resulted in severe headaches. After plenty of research I finally figured out I was in menopause.
I tried various remedies to no avail when a good friend told me about Dr. Roy and Doctors Studio. I went to her website which was the best deci-sion of my life.
My husband and I met with Dr. Roy who spent over an hour with us going over my tests, answering questions and offering suggestions. Among my hormonal treatments were pellets — a combination of testosterone and estrogen.
However, the pellets did nothing for my libido. I discussed more options with Dr. Roy and eventually decided to get the ‘O Shot.

AMAZING!!!! It has totally worked for me. It took approximately two weeks for it to kick in, but really kicked in about two months after the shot. I have been on the upside ever since. I would totally recommend it to anyone as it has been a great experience.
My sexual desire is back and there is definitely no dryness; I finally feel like a woman again. If the day comes and the ‘O Shot wears out, I will definitely be the first one to sign up for another one. For ladies that are worried about pain, it does not hurt!!!”

T. A. who came to the office for help during menopause

“Dr. Roy is simply the best and most knowledgeable in her practice of functional medicine. I am forever indebted to her and the work she and her staff performed for me. I am honored to have found her and her practice, and I recommend, without hesitation, that anyone interested in PRP treatments seek her services as soon as possible, if she still has room in her practice. With austere solemnity!”

Tyson R. Kinnick

“Dr. Roy is terrific professional, who shows a real zest for her practice. Her staff members are attentive and take good care of her patients.”

Lawrence Schanzmeyer

“Dr. Roy and her staff are not only efficient and effective, they are also very caring and kind. Dr. Roy truly wants to find the best solution to every challenge that arises with my aging issues. She is ahead of her time, and I appreciate her innovative and creative thought process.”

Tina Nyp

“Dr. Roy has taken such good care of me! She spends a lot of time listening and works to provide the best quality, cutting edge help she can. I am privileged to have her, not only as a Doctor who is actually accessible and SO helpful, but also I feel like I’m talking to a long time friend. How rare is that? (Very!) She is amazing; a great blessing!”

Sharon B.

“Dr. Roy is possibly the best doctor I have ever had! Her level of professionalism is excellent and so is that of her staff. I feel that I can trust Dr. Roy implicitly to help me make the best decision for my health and wellness. And visiting the Doctor’s Studio is FUN! I actually look forward to visiting Dr. Roy as well as Karen and Heidi. If I could, I would give them TEN stars!”

Catherine Perron

“I was not a patient yet and seeking information that ultimately was beyond the care Dr. Roy provided. She is by far the most genuine, compassionate physician I’ve spoken with in 50 years. She is extremely knowledgable, an outstanding listener and counseled me through many questions. If I have surgery and experience the common complications I will travel the 4 hours to have her address the issues. She listened intently and responded as thoughtfully and knowledgable as a mother would with her fearful daughter. There are so many alternatives to conventional evasive medicine especially for women and Dr. Roy provides life altering treatments. It’s wonderful to hear of a physician who thinks outside of the box and is a critical thinker concerning the research. Usually warmth and intelligence do not coexist to thos degree. She is brilliant and has a heart of gold.”

Cindy Mayer

“I will get right to the point. Unhappy wife vs. very happy wife. Get the Oshot!”

Willam Armellini

“I had some PDO threading done to my upper arms today. I love the PDO threading results on my face….the result is natural but greatly improved from condition prior to threading. Dr. Roy is professional with a great eye and talent for aesthetics and in my opinion simply the BEST. Informative and helpful like no other doctor. Every procedure (including the O Shot) I have done so far has been a great success.

Another great visit with Dr. Roy. I was thankful to find out more about my blood profile and learn the things I can do to improve upon. I started bio identical hormone therapy and am so excited and relieved to know that I do not have to accept my unfortunately bad genes without a fight. I am a firm believer in prevention and that is exactly what I will be doing. Dr. Roy simply is the BEST.”

Gabi Armellini

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