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I believe that everyone has the choice to harness the power of their “human machine” and create habits that support optimal function and the realization of their full wellness potential. ~ Dr. Lisbeth Roy Doctors Studio is a unique medical facility providing serious non-surgical alternatives to your anti-aging, skin rejuvenation and sexual wellness needs. Dr. Roy is a highly sought-after physicia ...
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Doctors Studio Treatments


Incontinence Treatments

Treatment for Urinary Incontinence Organic solutions to your most embarrassing problems: Platelet rich plasma (PRP) offers a simple and effective solution to female urinary incontinence. Let the po ...
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The Vampire Facelift®

What is the Vampire FaceLift®? The Vampire FaceLift® uses stem cell science to tell the body to grow new, younger skin. Unipotent stem cells, which grow only one specific tissue, are found in eve ...
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O Shot®

"Until recently, there were very few options for women. O-Shot™ is an absolute game changer; improving lubrication, sensitivity, ease and intensity of orgasm and often resolving urinary incontinence." ...
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Priapus Shot (P-Shot)

1 in 2 adult males between the ages of 40 and 70 will have sexual changes they consider problematic. There are solutions to sexual dysfunction that men deserve to know about. ~ Dr. Lisbeth Roy http ...
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